Our Promise to Learners



Khaled International Schools (KiS) Riyadh is a member of the Learner’s World International Schools (LWIS) Network managed by School Development Consultants (SDC). KiS Riyadh is a K-12 American Curriculum school. KiS is not like any other international school. It is visibly noticeable when guests step into our campus. Learners feel it day-in and day-out through their inspiring interactions with our professional faculty members. Khaled International Schools influencesexpertise in delivering prominent international curricula within a caring, innovative and healthy environment. Khaled International Schools is proud of its 17 years of success in nurturing academic achievement, physical and emotional well-being and the ethical and social competencies necessary for learners’ success and happiness in a rapidly changing world.


We promise all our learners:

  • To develop an educational experience where they are actively engaged in a challenging curriculum that supports their holistic development as human beings.
  • To refine and enhance character education, leadership training and conflict-resolution skills, encouraging knowledge discovery and investigation skills in all learners.
  • To reach all learners by keeping abreast of the latest practices in instruction, differentiation and technology integration.
  • To ensure that the standards of our American Curriculum are continuously adapted to the needs of our international community of learners.


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Khaled International Schools (KiS), Riyadh, is accredited by AdvancED. KiS is a member of the Learner’s World International Schools (LWIS) Network that is managed by School Development Consultants (SDC). For more information on the LWIS school network and SDC, please visit: www.sdclw.org