A Message from SDC
A Message from School Development Consultants (SDC)-Lebanon 

 Welcome to a school that "measures success one happy learner at a time”. Welcome to another member of the Learner’s World International Schools (LWIS) Network. Welcome to KIS’s 2015-2016 academic year. 

It still is a community of learners, child-focused, and a learner-centered school. We do believe that every child/learner can learn and will learn differently to the best of his/her ability once properly guided, respected and challenged.

 School Development Consultants (SDC)-Lebanon, the managing body for the LWIS Network, has been engaged in developing a plan and processes through which it can actively plan KiS’s development since 2012. Our company’s Board of Trustees has entrusted the executive tasks at KiS to a group of experienced, qualified, and professional educators in both the Girls’ School and the Boys’ School. We have also assigned a number of our key consultants to KiS. They will be visiting the school during the course of the academic year to train, evaluate and support the new system being implemented. Naturally, our Board will be overseeing the work of both the school team and the visiting consultants through site visits to KiS and meetings that will take place at the school with representatives of all school constituencies. 

Similar to the way we usually operate our other members of the LWIS Network in Lebanon and the Gulf, our team will be concerned with questions such as: What will the character of our learners be? How will they develop as human beings? What is the evidence that all our learners have access to high quality instruction and standards? How can we differentiate instruction to meet the needs of each and every learner? How can we modify our schedule to provide all our learners with more time for learning individually and with facilitators? How can we reduce prescribing knowledge and encourage knowledge discovery? How can we encourage learners to be resources for each other in ways that enhance learners’ skills and assist all learners to build a collaborative and cooperative learning environment?

 It is through attempting answers to such questions that the consultants from School Development Consultants-Lebanon govern and guide the continued development process of KiS spearheaded by KiS’s management team. It is also through such questions that we evaluate the performance of the school as a whole and in particular, the school management.

Finally, we would like to share with you the main focus areas for this academic year 2015-2016, and they are:

At KiS we strongly recognize the importance of technology and work on integrating technology in all subject areas.

At KiS we believe in partnership with the parents and parent involvement. We have an open-door policy that welcomes parents whose input is vital to our decision-making process.

 At KiS, as we all are learners, we recognize the wealth of talents around us and work solidly on empowering young and adult learners. We mobilize talents to enhance our faculty and staff. The KiS teacher/facilitator is key at our school. Our teachers know and are experienced in handling situations, have mastery of content and methods of effective instruction and are life-long learners themselves. Because we all are learners at KiS, we promote induction programs, ongoing professional development, seminars, conferences, workshops, and any other high quality staff development at school or in the community at large.

 The KiS teacher is involved in instructional leadership, curriculum development, strategic planning, program evaluation, team building and personal growth. The KiS teacher understands the important role he/she plays in the lives of learners both as a teacher and as an adult figure in the learners’ formative years.

At KiS we realize that building a community requires the amalgamation of all young and adult learners, academic and non-academic staff, administration and parents. We are sincerely looking forward to the unique blend of the KiS family, a family that inspires rather than coerces.

 It is these beliefs that led the school to endorse the introduction of electronic beams and LCD projectors into most of our classrooms. It is these beliefs also that led us to endorse teacher training programs before the beginning of this academic year and every six weeks during the course of the year. It is precisely this kind of training that will help realize our objectives for this year and years to come.


Shukri Husni

LWIS Network Chairperson

 SDC Director General

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