A Message from the Academic Directors


From the Desk of the Academic Directors


Dear KiS community,


We would like to welcome all parents and learners to a new school year. It is our hope that as the year progresses both parents and learners will get a deeper knowledge of the staff, the programs and the policies we offer at Khaled International Schools.

It is the goal of the staff at Khaled International Schools to work closely with KiS community in order to create a rich learning environment for all our learners. A learner’s success is a shared responsibility among the school staff, learners and parents.

Academic year 2016- 2017 is a year of change; this year we have planned to accentuate the Parents’ Committee body, for we believe parents’ involvement makes a real difference to children’s learning. It is our goal that KiS parents will work together with the school to face challenges and celebrate the diversity of our school’s community.

Education is a joint venture between school and home. Thus, as we work with our learners to help them acquire knowledge and skills through the prescribed curriculum, we appreciate the support that parents will give to their children at home.

The foundation of a successful school is the cooperation between the learners, staff, parents and community.

We look forward to working with you and developing a relationship that will contribute to the growth of your child/children. 


Jack Youna (Academic Director-Boys’ School)

Rana Jreije (Academic Director-Girls’ School)  


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