Middle & Senior School Programs (Grades 7-9/Grades 10-12)


Middle & Senior School Programs

Our Middle & Senior School programs are designed to allow our learners to develop into confident young adults, well prepared for college/university entrance and success. There are six broad objectives that we believe in for the Middle and Senior Section programs:


Critical and Creative Thinking:Learners will learn to question, interpret, and discriminate in order to develop logical, imaginative thinking. They learn to explore, analyze and evaluate information, use it in problem solving, and then be challenged to articulate, revise, and defend their thinking.


Communication:Learners will learn to listen, speak, read, write and interpret effectively as individuals and as members of cooperative groups. They become aware of how culture, art, music, dance, drama and sports serve as vehicles for self-expression in extending communication.


Technology Integration:Learners will develop an appreciation for the value, as well as the limitations of technology. They will learn to evaluate the environmental, cultural, and social impact of technological changes.


Personal and Social Values:Learners will develop personal skills including goal-setting, self-discipline, self-motivation, organization, and time management which contribute to a healthy self-esteem. In addition, learners are expected to extend consciousness beyond self in order to develop a healthy social value system based upon respect for others.


Global Awareness and Understanding:Learners will acquire this through cultural sensitivity, international appreciation and understanding. Learners will develop an appreciation of the interdependent responsibility of nations and individuals in preserving the environment.


Independent Learning:Learners are encouraged to engage themselves in their intellectual and social environment, not only to enhance their school years but also to establish a pattern of involvement and enquiry that will extend into adult life.


All our senior school learners will be fully prepared to sit for the TOEFL and SAT I standardized tests.


Middle School

We are here to guide our early adolescents through three exciting years of change and development and to prepare them to be independent, knowledgeable thinkers who are able to succeed with the vigorous academic courses ahead of them. The Middle School team achieves this by providing a wide range of challenging programs, by giving a variety of opportunities to explore, discover and develop individual activities and by nurturing each learner emotionally and physically.

We encourage our learners to reach their full academic potential while being environmentally aware, culturally sensitive and responsible. A head of section is responsible for all learner affairs so that each learner receives extra guidance and support.

Academically, core subjects are enhanced with a rigorous information technology program, a superb fine arts program, and a comprehensive physical education curriculum. In-school activities create an intimate and special Middle School culture where learners are encouraged to express their individualism.





Senior School

The Senior School is designed to provide ample opportunity for learners to develop the talents and interests of which they are aware and to discover and develop previously unrecognized ones.

Our graduation requirements are designed to ensure that each KiS graduate is well prepared, both for college and for a lifetime of service and learning. They reflect our belief that learners become creative, reflective, open, disciplined, productive, compassionate, and passionate adults by engaging in a broad range of learning opportunities, both in and out of the classroom.

International Program

Learners graduate with a High School Diploma, accredited by the Ministry of Education on completion of Grade 12. The program prepares learners to sit for internationally recognized external exams such as the SAT, SAT II, and TOEFL, Advanced Placement (AP) courses are additionally offered to able and motivate learners who wish to pursue college-level studies while at school.

All learners explore the subjects in depth, develop analytical reasoning skills, and form disciplined study habits which contribute to continued academic success.

In addition, all learners must earn 18 hours of community service.










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