Upper Elementary Program (Grades 3-6)

Upper Elementary


Our Upper Elementary program will create a caring learning community capable of drawing the best in every young learner, where each child is the center of our focus. Our program is based on the following objectives:


We see the Upper Elementary as one of the key building blocks to learners’ development and future success.

We therefore believe in a well-structured approach to our teaching with a clear set of goals.
The academic program will prepare all learners to be literate, responsible citizens with an enthusiasm for life-long learning.

The essential elements of Khaled International Schools’ Program are:

·A rigorous curriculum aligned to national and international standards

·Curriculum and instruction designed to ensure that every learner is be able to achieve academic success

·High expectations for all learners

·Differentiated instruction and use of multiple sources of data to assess learners’ progress

Nurturing faculty members guide learners to take responsibility for their own learning opportunities.


Foundational Knowledge:Learners will demonstrate an understanding of core foundational academic knowledge specific to G3-G6 program (terms, facts, concepts, relationships).


Application of the Knowledge:Learners will demonstrate the ability to make use of the knowledge acquired through independent, critical, practical and creative thinking, managing multiple skills, school projects and productive and receptive communication skills.


Integration:Learners will be able to integrate concepts from different subject matters and make connections between school material and the learner’s personal and social life.


Human Dimension:Learners will develop the ability to exercise self-control and experience leadership skills that would allow them to celebrate their individual potential and ability to understand, interact and work with others.


Caring:Learners will develop feelings, interests and values that would bring about personal satisfaction and inspire them to care for a better life and society.


Learning to Learn:Learners will demonstrate the ability to take responsibility for their learning and become self-directed, inquirers, constructors of knowledge, and life-long learners.


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