Dress Code & Textbooks
Learners’ Dress Code
Learners are required to wear the school uniform unless designated otherwise (see Behavior and Academic Policy). At the beginning of the academic year, parents should label all items with the learner’s name to prevent any loss of clothing.
The school uniform is comprised of the school trousers, a light blue-buttoned shirt, a navy blue pill troll, and a navy blue jacket. For physical education, it includes a jogging suit, shorts and polo shirt.
We believe in the learner’s right of self-expression. However, offensive items, excessive jewelry, and other forms of expression that hinder the process of learning are prohibited. The school administration reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of appearance and/or expression.
Textbooks: Learners
Learners’ textbooks and practice books are supplied by the school at the beginning of the year. The cost of these items is excluded from the tuition fees and will be charged separately. The school also charges learners’ parents for copybooks, writing books, and agendas.
Teachers should ask their learners to laminate or cover all textbooks, practice books, copybooks and agendas.

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