KG 1 - KG 3


The Pre-school program (KG 1 to KG 3) is designed around the following principles;

  • While young children develop through similar stages they develop at individual rates. They need different amounts of time and support to develop common understanding.

  • Learning experiences must be provided that meet individual and group needs interests and developmental levels. Additional support is provided to children with special education needs to help them increase their potential for learning.

  • Learning is enhanced by interaction and cooperation with others, including adults and children. Through interaction, organized activities and purposeful play children explore and experiment with their environment to add to their knowledge and learn new skills.

  • Parents are their children’s first and most important teachers and play a central role in the lives of their children. When children begin Preschool, parents and teachers form a partnership to support learning at home and school

  • It is an individualized learning experience where children will become fluent readers who can problem-solve strategically and independently. Teachers will work closely with individual young readers, assessing their abilities and designing their learning according to their individual levels and needs.

Our integrated syllabus and thematic curriculum give the opportunity for teaching staff and learners to experience many extracurricular and cross-curricular activities that would reinforce objectives introduced, practice life skills and serve the vision and mission of the school.

Our early childhood program has proven that by allowing learners to work independently, they would work in a safe environment where each one would produce with confidence and very high self-esteem. With close follow up and observation, this system has helped teachers to either provide help for learners struggling or challenge others who are working above expectations.


Lower Elementay (Grades 1 to 3) & Upper Elementary (Grades 4 to 6)

KiS Elementary School goal is to prepare learners for further educational success and become useful citizens in society.

KiS elementary

KiS elementary school is more than an educational facility where learners learn course material. It is a caring warm family where the child’s growth is nurtured by teachers, administrators and staff. It is a place where high behavioral standards and academic education are upheld as priorities.

KiS elementary

The Elementary school in KiS provides an environment where learners are actively investigating the world around them, an environment where learning is developmentally appropriate, purposeful, and diverse as diversity in KiS is believed to be a valued resource necessary to develop tolerance, respect and greater understanding among learners.



KiS middle school has a special feature of providing an environment that allows transition for the learners as they move from elementary into high school in various directions:


Intellectually, middle school learners are maturing in their thinking and need stimulating activities that develop their problem solving and critical thinking abilities and that is provided through an American curriculum and staff training in using the problem solving and critical thinking techniques and building upon skills acquired in previous learning experiences in addition provides an opportunity to explore new areas of interest that will give direction for future choices.


Physically, middle school learners need to understand and to accept the changes in their bodies while assuming responsibility for their own well-being and that is introduced through the Personal and social development program in addition


Socially KiS believes that middle school learners must be provided an environment in which they can positively interact with peers and adults and that is done through a full program of activities, trips and camping


Emotionally KiS middle school focuses on directing learners to seeking their identity. Positive self-esteem, the need for recognition and the need for success in both academic and social situations.


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