Our Team of Leaders

Governance Systems

The success of any academic institution is measured by its internal governance systems, to ensure that the school is aligned with its mission, and has in place, the required resources to deliver on its promise.

Accordingly, Khaled International Schools are governed by a Board of Trustees, with the following responsibilities:

Mission-driven: Overseeing the institution and its mission as an entity, on both a physical and curriculum-based level, whilst ensuring the school fulfills its duties with bylaws, policies and procedures.

Continuous development: Planning, developing and establishing policies based on a continuous improvement model.

Financial: Setting and approving budgets, and monitoring expenditure, as well as appointing the school’s auditor.

Top talent: Advising on the hiring criteria of the School Principal, and assisting in the recruitment, training and development of the faculty and staff.

Expert network: Contracting (upon need) educational consultants, as well as diverse experts, to oversee the school’s development.

How is the Board of Trustees appointed?

Khaled International Schools Board of Trustees is appointed by Al-Surat Educational Corporation LLC. The Board composition much include experts in education, business and public relations, with a total of 7 members. The Chairman of Al-Surat Educational Corporation LLC is required to be on the board and serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. The Chairman of the LWIS Network and Director General of the international consultancy firm School Development Consultants (SDC) SAL Offshore serves as the Vice Chairman and Head of the Board’s Education Community. The Board is appointed for a 4-year term, which can be indefinitely renewed.

Management and Directorship of the School

The appointed Management and Directorship team of Khaled International Schools are tasked with ensuring the seamless operations of the institution. They oversee the various programs and make integral decisions to enhance the life of every learner. The decisions are based on information shared by Subject Coordinators, Advisors, Teachers, Health Personnel, Parents, Learners and Counselors.

Management Team

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in History

Background: Mr. Al-Otaibi has taken numerous courses in computer and body language, as well as self-development.

Education: Bachelor of Education in Geography

Background: Ms. Al-Otaibi has taken a series of courses in computer and early childhood. Since 2014, she worked as a supervisor at KiS, before assuming her current role. 

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Education

Background: Ms. Mohanna has over 21 years of experience with the SDC and LWIS Network schools, assuming numerous positions that include Elementary Teacher, ASL, High School Teacher, Head of Section for the Elementary School and Junior School director (KG – Grade 8). She also worked as an educational consultant with SDC.

Education: Bachelor’s in science, with emphasis on Mathematics

Background: Mr. Farah worked as a Math teacher for Middle School students, and then assumed the role of Math Teacher, Math Coordinator and Academic Director at Al Afkar International School-Jeddah.

Education: Teaching Diploma in Applied Mathematics

Background: Mr. Srour has been a Math teacher since 2005. He has worked as the Head of Section of Senior School at  LWIS USL since 2012. He became certified to teach IB – DP Mathematics in year 2019 and has gained experience in the accreditation process. He has participated in international workshops including MSIS (Math Specialists in International Schools) presented by Erma Anderson from 2019 to 2021.

Education:  Master’s degree in Student Personnel Administration with an emphasis on guidance and counseling from Columbia University, New York, BA in Sociology, and a teaching Diploma in Secondary Education/ AUB. She is certified from the

Background: Ms. Sidani has over 10 years of experience in teaching and counseling. She served as the Faculty Advisor in Harvard Model United Nations HMUN/Dubai online in June 2020 & 2021. She is also certified by the Foundation in Adolescent Coaching from Noble Manhattan.

Education: Master’s in Business Management, certified in English Language Development skills, and holds an English Language Degree.

Background: Mr. Abdo has worked as an English teacher since 2013. He also serves as a student counselor. He has participated in international workshops including Houghton Mifflin Harcourt / SDC LWIS Training sessions, as well as a Growth Mindset workshop.

Education: Master’s in Educational Management

Background: Ms. Baroudi has worked as an English teacher since 2015. Before joining KiS, she assumed the role of Academic Director in Al-Afkar, Jeddah. She regularly participates in workshops on professional development.

Education: Master of Science in Soil, Faculty of Agricultural & Food Sciences

Background: Ms. Alameddine has worked in the field of Career Services at AUB, since 2016. Prior to her role at AUB, she served as the Assistant Academic Director at KiS.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature

Background: Ms. Berjawi worked at a public school for six years, teaching English as a second language. She joined KiS as a Home Room teacher for five years. She soon became the Pre School-Head of Section (2018). She believes that strong relationships with parents and the wider community are vital in ensuring that children are supported as they advance in their academic life.