How to keep learners productive over the vacations and weekends

The upcoming long weekends and vacations can be a great time to connect with your children and guide them to develop their skills based on their interests. With busy schedules during the week, parents and children rarely spend quality time. Weekends and vacations are also a perfect time to keep learners busy with activities that stimulate them. Planning activities in advance of the school break or long weekends, is highly recommended to nurture the whole child on a personal and academic level.

Here is are a few ideas on how to ensure learners are productive and fulfilled outside of school:

  • Check in with them and see what types of activities they enjoy and prepare a schedule accordingly. This could include time for handcrafts, such as painting, drawing or ceramic works. Plan a fun trip to the stationary to pick up the materials needed and brainstorm with them to identify the possible outcomes. Ask them if they need help with the craft as they are making it.
  • The weather in Riyadh this December and January, makes it a great time to explore the outdoors. Help children stay active with the sports that they enjoy. Perhaps even hire a coach to improve their skills in their favorite sport. Activities can include football, tennis, jogging, martial arts, swimming or even biking.
  • Select age appropriate books with them at the library, and let them catch up on reading every day. Reading not only stimulates their imagination, but can also greatly improve their language skills.
  • There are so many sights to see around Saudi Arabia. Plan a fun family road trip to one of these locations, and have a picnic or camp. This is a great way to bond with the family and disconnect from technology.
  • Teach them a new skill, such as cooking or baking. Let them select the recipe and challenge one another to make it healthier. Involve them in the ingredients selection, the preparation and the cooking time… then let them indulge in their creations.
  • Motivate them to tap into their creativity and imagination by putting on a talent show, or showcasing a skill that they are good at. This could be singing or acting. This can be even more fun if their siblings or friends are involved.
  • Of course, during the weekends and vacations, homework and assignments are on the agenda. Ensure that studying time is on their weekly agenda, with break time in between.

At KiS, we believe in nurturing future leaders through a holistic international educational system, creating a thriving community of happy learners. To achieve this, we always encourage parents and caregivers to be part of the process.

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