How to choose the best school in Riyadh for your children

Parents are faced with the very challenging decision to choose the ‘best’ school for their children in Riyadh. There are numerous factors to consider, given that schools support and shape children in the prime years of their lives. There are many items to consider when choosing a school in Riyadh or anywhere in the world. Here are some considerations for parents:
  • Do you prefer public or private education?
  • Academic programs and quality – does the school have a strong curriculum and experienced teachers? In what language is the primary subject matter taught?
  • The size of the school, and if it has the facilities to ensure every child is nurtured based on their learning style
  • A specific child’s needs, and if they require more individual attention, special learning support, or if they like to work in groups or alone, function better in smaller or bigger classes etc.
  • The location of the school is an integral factor, assessing the distance from a child’s home and its proximity to other activities
  • The offerings of the school, with regards to STEM subjects or creative fields
  • If the school accompanies the child throughout their learning journey, offering more challenging courses such as AP, IB etc. (Check out KiS’ AP Courses and IB DP Candidacy here)
  • Another factor to consider is the academic performance of the school and how well it ranks compared to other schools.
  • Reputation of the school, and if it will increase the likelihood of the child entering a reputable university
  • Other factors to consider include: safety, behavioral policies, and the holistic development of every individual child.
When parents do decide on a school based on these numerous factors, it is integral that they continue to play an active role in their child’s education and progress. At KiS, we believe the learner is part of a wider community, and everyone can influence their growth and academic journey, in a positive or negative way. Our faculty works closely with parents to ensure children receive a holistic education, in school and at home.

How do we do this?

  • Frequent communication with parents, from teachers and school administrative staff. All concerns are taken seriously, with an open-door policy amongst our leadership team.
  • A continuous review of our curriculum is a top priority. We work closely with our accrediting body, Cognia, as well as our global partners, the LWIS Network, to ensure that the level of education at KiS in Riyadh, is on par with international standards. We also integrate the latest technologies to administer the content and course material in an engaging and modern way.

For over 25 years, KiS Riyadh has served as a leading academic institution in the Kingdom, and we pride ourselves on the multicultural environment that our learners are a part of. Our orientation days allow parents to make well-informed decisions on where to place their children, to receive top quality, international education from KG to Grade 12.

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