KiS launches Robotics program

Aligned with global shifts and advancements in STEAM, we are pleased to announce that KiS will be introducing a comprehensive Robotics program in academic year 2023-2024. The new state-of-the-art robotics labs will be equipped with laptops, experimentation rooms and 3D printers, to ensure a truly engaging experience for our learners.

KiS is committed to nurture the STEAM skills of learners from KG to Grade 12, and administer the most advanced courses in robotics, science and coding, to ensure they are equipped for the future workplace.

Learners will have access to globally renowned platforms and programs, facilitated by our faculty, with structured lesson plans and quizzes and guided coding programs.

The courses that will be offered as part of the Robotics program include coding, science, movement, light and sound experimentation and hands-on electrical projects. Learners will also be posed with real-life issues, such as measuring moisture, temperature changes, counting steps and identifying locations, and will use their critical thinking skills to devise solutions.

The benefits of robotics programs in schools

With the new Robotics program at KiS, the advantages for learners are numerous.
Learners will be able to enhance their abilities and strengthen their:

Social skills
Problem-solving skills
Creative thinking skills
Programing and coding skills
Teamwork and communication skills

Typically, robotics projects are collaborative, hence fostering teamwork and communication skills, specifically when learners participate in competitions.

Most notably, when robotics programs are integrated into classrooms, learners will gain first-hand experience in STEAM subjects, which helps widen their career prospects. As the world of technology advances, new industries emerge, that learners will already have gained experience in before entering the workforce. Such industries include programming, web and app development and aerospace engineering, amongst others.

Stay tuned for the latest updated on the robotics program and get in touch with our faculty to learn more.

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