KiS is launching its alumni network – KiS Connect! Here are the reasons to join

Since the founding Khaled International Schools (KiS) over 25 years ago, thousands of learners have been part of the diverse, multicultural, academic community. KiS alumni are now all over the world, excelling in their careers, building families and making notable achievements. To connect all the learners that were part of KiS, we are launching our alumni network!

What does the KiS Connect, our alumni network entail?

Our alumni network, KiS Connect, will bring together graduates from all previous years, to connect, network and share their exciting updates with one another. Wherever they are in the world, the KiS community will bring them together via this newly founded alumni network, with shared experiences in education binding them.

Why should you join the KiS Connect, as alumni?

We believe there is no greater strength, than that of a community. In order to connect former peers, the network will seek to bridge links between former learners around the world. We will also be hosting a series of events, in-person and online, that we will invite you to be a part of.

What’s more, is that the alumni network will also be a platform to promote opportunities, whether in terms of job openings or interesting activities happening near you. At a later stage, we also plan to have mentoring programs for our current learners, which you will be invited to be part of.

Sign up now

Sign up to the alumni network here to start receiving updates! We look forward to connecting with you.

The KiS community is always here to support you.

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